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Organisational side of science

Georgia Pilgrim Featured Image Author: Georgia Pilgrim
Posted on: April 6, 2023

It would be a rare occurrence for a STEM student to not be at least somewhat organised. Note-taking, organising data and performing complex analysis is all in a day’s work; however, it is often the performing of an experiment or the solving of an equation which is met with applause. The background planning, problem solving, and detailed documentation of work remain unseen. In Medical Communications, within Client Services and Account Management specifically, it is these core skills which are regarded as most valuable. As an industry, Medical Communications operate behind the scenes, assisting pharmaceutical and medical technology companies in the communication of their data, offering consultancy, or orchestrating events. Still emersed in the scientific community, Medical Communications, the organisational side of science, allows these core STEM skills to be utilised in a rewarding way.

An Account Manager role seamlessly blends science and organisation. Those who continue to develop understanding in a myriad of therapy areas, in turn enhance their value to the wider team, and to pharmaceutical companies who bring in a variety of project work for which can serve as a learning experience – a continuous beneficial cycle. From managing timelines for a manuscript to organising and attending an investigator meeting abroad, from scheduling internal teams to finance, meeting agendas to travel logistics, projects are overseen from start to finish by those in Client Services, ensuring every deliverable is developed to a high standard and reflects the agency’s skill.

An Account Manager may have an endless to-do list, but for those inclined to project-driven work, who get satisfaction from completing tasks and want to be integral to releasing the latest scientific data to wide variety of audiences, client services is the place to be. Likelihood is you, as a STEM student, already have the necessary skills to begin a flourishing career.

For me personally, I knew the lab was not for me, and I so desperately wanted to stay in the science industry; stumbling across Medical Communications at a careers fair was my yellow brick road. Naturally, I gravitate to organising (and cleaning), it just happens to be how my brain works. When everything is neatly in its place, my to-do list is complete and I know what is coming in the near future, all is right in the world. As an Account Executive at InterComm, every day I get personal satisfaction from achieving my goals. I organise schedules, I create timelines, I develop new business proposals and I oversee varied projects through the different departments, all whilst continuing my scientific development, learning about different drugs and medical devices for a plethora of therapy areas for each client.

If this has sparked your interest, reach out and see how you could fit into the organisational side of science.